How Are UK Universities Benefiting From GamStop?

Since its establishment in 2020, GamStop's efforts to reduce the problem of gambling addiction have not stopped. University gambling is the part we will discuss in this post.

Not only does GamStop offer a self-exclusion programme, but they also run many initiatives. And work closely with the British Gambling Commission to reduce problem gambling.

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Recently, the National Self-Exclusion Scheme announced on its website a new initiative to help undergraduates with gambling addiction, 

GamStop has revealed that it will be teaming up with award-winning charity YGAM, an app that helps people affected by gambling addictions, RecoverMe.

The trio created an initiative called “the University Gambling Support”, which aims to raise awareness of problem gambling among undergraduates.

Representatives of the three organizations will organize meetings with the students and distribute leaflets to raise awareness of the harms of gambling. In addition, the program will provide support services to students with problem gambling.

The trio will talk to university staff and the Student Union and provide them with appropriate training.

This training will be free and aims to give us a solid knowledge of problem gambling, how to identify abnormal behaviour, effective treatment mechanisms, and how to properly use self-exclusion methods.

At the same time, YGAM will be promoting its Student Hub, which provides useful information and tips for students.

As of this writing, leading colleges and institutions based in Northumbria, Central Lancashire, Worcester, Sheffield and Bournemouth have agreed to participate in the first round of this initiative.

What Are the Goals of the Gambling Support University Initiative?

The initiative will raise awareness and provide appropriate support for problem gamblers.

“The Gambling Support University Tour is an important event because it provides unique information to different organizations,” said Fiona Palmer, CEO of GamStop.

She added, “Although the harm of gambling is not a common topic on college campuses. This initiative provides unique support for problem gambling and also promotes self-exclusion for students, which is a very important tool.”

Although gambling addiction is not primarily associated with university students, it is important to promote self-exclusion tools among all segments of society.

Self-exclusion is one of the most important tools available to users that empowers them to change their habits and gives them the courage to get extra help.

Gambling Support University Initiative Discovers Startling Stats

Commissioned by YGAM and GamStop, Censuswide conducted a study of college students. Which showed that 80% of the participating students played at least one gamble.

Of this percentage, 41% of students acknowledged that gambling negatively affected their college experience.

Among the most notable forms of negative impact on students were missing social activities, lectures, and lower test scores.

Therefore, it is clear that university students are also a group severely affected by problem gambling.

This initiative revealed that the new generation also faces the same problem as the elderly. Which prompts us to strengthen efforts to raise awareness of the harms of problem gambling across society.