Non-BetStop Betting Sites in Australia – Online Sports Betting Comparison

Betting on sports is more popular than ever! Whether you're interested in betting on Premier League matches or whether the Champions League final comes down to penalties, you can bet on anything these days. Even mainstream sports shows take on non BetStop betting sites as sponsors. Of course, not every sportsbook has an equally large selection. In addition, the costs quickly add up at some non BetStop betting sites.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sites where you can bet on sports in Australia. Of course, the sports are not only limited to Australian competitions, you can also bet on NBA matches or the Super Bowl, for example. We list the top 8 best sports non BetStop betting sites where sports betting is possible in Australia.

What Are the Best Non-BetStop Betting Apps in Australia

Jason Farrell`s Blog about Non-BetStop Betting Sites in Australia. Last Updated: May 2024

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List of Non-BetStop Betting Sites in Australia

Your one stop guide to finding the very best Non-BetStop Betting Sites in Australia.

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Online Sports Betting Australia – The 8 Best Sites For Sports Betting

  1. Palm Casino – Popular sportsbook and casino where you can bet on sports in Australia and many other countries
  2. Seven Casino – User-friendly sportsbook where you benefit from regular promotions when betting on sports
  3. Big Wins Casino – Ideal sportsbook where you regularly benefit from sports betting bonuses
  4. Spicy Jackpots Casino – Fine online sports betting platform where sports betting is possible in many categories and competitions
  5. Tropicanza Casino – Extensive sports betting options
  6. Lucky Carnival Casino – Online sportsbook where you regularly receive bonuses during sports betting
  7. Gxmble Casino – Sportsbook platform where you can bet online in a variety of competitions
  8. NonStop Casino – Very extensive online casino where online sports betting is possible 

Sports Betting Reviews Sites and Bookmakers for Sports Betting

Although nowadays you can bet on sports at many bookmakers, you still have to take a critical look at the offer and the costs that a sportsbook entails. In this article, we have therefore not only looked at the number of competitions and sports in which you can bet on sports but also at the costs and any bonuses. It is also nice to have a sportsbook and online non gamstop casino in one. This way you always have the choice to play a game of blackjack or play slots within the same platform in addition to gambling on sports.

1. Palm Casino – Popular Sportsbook & Casino Where You Can Bet on Sports in Australia & Many Other Countries

You may recognize Palm Casino from the slots and live dealer games, but Palm Casino also has an online casino and its own sportsbook, with which you can bet on the Super Bowl and other different sports, for example. At Palm Casino, you have a very interesting welcome bonus. In case you prefer to use the online casino as well, you can get a welcome bonus.

You can also use more than 1000 different slots, live casino games with Australian dealers, jackpot games and other classic casino games.

The Palm Casino website is easy to use and navigate, so it won't take you long to get used to the structure and you can quickly navigate to your favourite sport and/or game.


  • User-friendly platform with an excellent user interface
  • Wide range of sports betting
  • Even betting on sports during live games
  • Various options to contact
  • Well-known sportsbook for placing sports bets


  • The interface can be overwhelming for people new to the world of sports betting 

2. Seven Casino – User-friendly Sportsbook Where You Benefit From Regular Promotions When Betting on Sports

Seven Casino is a casino in the Australian state with one of the most profitable welcome bonuses of legal casinos in both the casino and sportsbook.

At Seven Casino you will find, among other things, the best slots, various classic casino games and a live sportsbook that competes against competitors such as Palm Casino.

Seven Casino believes it is important that gambling and betting remain fun, so it is very transparent in terms of rules and conditions and you can set limits yourself, such as:

  • a monthly, weekly or daily deposit limit
  • a payout limit, which automatically pays out your money above a certain amount, preventing you from losing your winnings
  • a time limit so you don't play too long

In this way, at Seven Casino you prevent the thrill and fun of betting on sports from being at the expense of the rest of your life, so the game remains fun. In addition, you can do a trial game at the casino without registration to see what your playing style is and how resistant you are to gambling addiction.

You can deposit at Seven Casino with MasterCard, VISA, bank transfers and crypto. You can deposit from as little as €10 and you can have any amount paid out. A payout at Seven Casino can be as fast as 60 minutes, sometimes you have all your money within fifteen minutes.

In addition to the welcome bonus, as a Seven Casino user, you will occasionally receive an e-mail with a temporary bonus, for example on public holidays.


  • Interesting bonus for new players
  • Wide range of online sports betting
  • Very reliable casino
  • Friendly dealers


  • Slot offer could be better 

3. Big Wins Casino – Ideal Sportsbook Where You Regularly Benefit From Sports Betting Bonuses

Big Wins Casino is another excellent option if you want to bet on sports. The online casino could use some improvement in the variety of games, but it is especially attractive because you can play with Big Wins Casino from as little as €1, play for free every day and have a high chance of winning.

Big Wins Casino is a fairly small casino and does not have an extensive range of slots, for example, but does offer a variety of sports games to bet on. Users also find the website convenient and well-organized, and the daily free game is popular among many players.

The layout of the website is sleek and modern and Big Wins Casino Bet recently started offering a welcome bonus, something it didn't have before. For example, as a new user, you receive a free bet up to €100, equal to your bet from €10.


  • Both Sports and Esports betting
  • Very user friendly interface
  • Large selection in the sportsbook
  • Also less popular sports available


  • Online casino has a fairly low offer

4. Spicy Jackpots Casino – Great Online Sports Betting Platform Where Sports Betting Is Possible in a Variety of Categories & Competitions

At Spicy Jackpots Casino it is possible to bet on competitions and sports all over the world. The best thing about Spicy Jackpots Casino, however, is the high bonus and the combination of sports betting with an extensive online and live casino. In addition, as a new member, you will receive a welcome bonus of €10 in betting credit.

The layout of Spicy Jackpots Casino's platform is very clean and easy to use, making it easy to find your favourite sports betting game. In addition to the welcome bonus, Spicy Jackpots Casino also regularly has other bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of.

Spicy Jackpots Casino customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues. The only downside we found with Spicy Jackpots Casino is that it can sometimes take a long time to receive payouts.

Spicy Jackpots Casino is an excellent choice as an all-around online casino with its own sportsbook, where there is always something going on. At the casino, you can pay with VISA and Mastercard and have payments from € 5 transferred to your bank account.


  • Wide range of sports betting
  • Extensive online casino including live casino


  • Sportsbook welcome bonus is not that impressive
  • Payment can sometimes take a long time

5. Tropicanza Casino – Extensive Options for Sports Betting at This Reliable Online Sportsbook

Tropicanza Casino is one of the most famous platforms where you can bet online on sports in Australia. In fact, Tropicanza Casino focuses a lot more on sports betting than online casino. This translates into a huge range of different sports betting options.

At Tropicanza you also regularly benefit from bonuses and promotions while gambling online on sports. A nice extra is that with Jacks you don't have to worry about the experience the platform has.


  • One of the most reliable non BetStop betting sites in Australia
  • Extensive choice for sports betting


  • No high welcome bonus

6. Lucky Carnival Casino – Online Sportsbook Where You Regularly Receive Bonuses During Sports Betting

At Lucky Carnival Casino, online sports betting is very advantageous. This is because Lucky Carnival Casino issues promotions and bonuses relatively often. You can bet on many different sports at Lucky Carnival Casino sports. Also, you have the option to bet on Esports. You also benefit from many sports betting tips at Lucky Carnival Casino. This way you have access to statistics with which you can bet on a match in a better-informed way.

With the handy search function, you can easily find your favourite sports and games, both in the casino and in the sportsbook.


  • Wide range of sports betting
  • Live sports betting
  • Also a live casino and online casino environment
  • Access sports betting tips


  • Live chat can have a long waiting time

7. Gxmble Casino – Sportsbook Platform Where You Can Bet Online on a Variety of Competitions

The Gxmble Casino online casino has a very varied range of online casino games and its own extensive sportsbook.

Players can choose from many payment options to deposit money into their Gxmble Casino account, such as Crypto, MasterCard, and VISA. You can deposit from €10 and have your money paid out from €20.

Gxmble Casino has more than 1,500 slots to choose from, but also table casino games, such as poker and blackjack, live casino games such as Monopoly and an extensive sportsbook with which you can bet on your favourite sports.


  • Varied choice of sports betting games
  • Good customer service including live chat
  • Benefit from regular promotions


  • Payouts could be a bit faster

8. NonStop Casino – Very Extensive Online Casino Where Online Sports Betting Is Possible

Also at NonStop Casino, the last candidate in our top 9 sports betting websites, sports betting is possible for people from Belgium. This is also an excellent choice if you mainly want to focus on playing in an online casino. The platform contains many online casino games, including an extensive online casino. In addition, NonStop Casino has very good customer service.


  • Professional customer service that is easily accessible
  • Extensive and fine online casino
  • Attractive welcome bonus


  • Betting on sports is not yet possible for customers from Australia

How Does Sports Betting Work?

Betting on sports is very simple, but there are a few basic points to keep in mind. First of all, you have to create an account and deposit money. You can then bet this money on the match or competition of your choice.

Before you start betting on sports, it is smart to first look at the situation of the two teams (or the league). Look at the statistics, potential injuries of players and the schedule. A team that plays matches two days in a row may be a bit more tired on the second day than a fresh team, for example.

After you have looked at the statistics and know what you want to bet on, choose the team of your choice. Here you can see the odds of betting on this team. The favourite, of course, has less advantageous odds than the underdog.

With odds, you can book substantial profits with relatively little investment. Of course, in this case, you choose a team that statistically has a lower chance of winning. For example, if you put €50 on a team with odds of 2.5, you will receive an amount of €125 (2.5 x 50) if you win. This becomes even more interesting when you play with higher amounts. Obviously, the risk is higher.

Later in this article, we will look at many useful sports betting tips that will help you make a well-considered bet.

How Do We Select the Best Sports Non BetStop Betting Sites?

Before the sportsbook is listed in our top 9, it must meet many conditions. We list these below.

Sports Offer

If you want to bet on sports, it is nice if the offer is very extensive. This way you have an extensive choice of sports betting and you can be sure that you will not get bored! It is of course important that the larger sports, such as football, basketball and tennis, are available. But it is also nice if some lesser-known sports are offered. This way you keep it varied and who knows, you might find a new interesting sport!

Esports is also becoming an increasingly popular category for sports betting. If you are interested in this, providers such as Lucky Carnival, Palm Casino and Seven Casino are excellent choices.


An extensive range is nice, but regular bonuses are indispensable at an online sportsbook. This of course starts with a nice welcome bonus, but regular cashback opportunities or no deposit bonuses are also extra nice.

However, keep in mind that there are conditions attached to bonuses. These are not equally realistic for everyone. Bonuses are mainly aimed at people who regularly bet on sports or gambling. Of course, you are not obliged to meet these conditions if you do not need the bonus!


An online sportsbook must of course be reliable. If you make a big profit, you don't want to have to wait weeks for money that may never appear in your account. We have therefore also paid extra strict attention to the reliability of the non BetStop betting sites in this top 8.

Payment Methods

Everyone has their own preference for payment methods. Whether this is Crypto or Paysafecard, you have plenty of choice at the best online non BetStop betting sites. The payout must also go smoothly. So, you can withdraw your winnings within a short time. This is usually a lot faster with crypto withdrawals than with withdrawals with FIAT money, but FIAT money is seen as safer and more reliable.

Customer Service

The customer service at a sportsbook or online casino is not always easily accessible. We have therefore paid extra attention to this. Some non BetStop betting sites from this list even have live chat customer service, where you will receive answers to your questions within a relatively short time.

Online Sports Betting in Australia – The Most Popular Sports to Bet on

The range of sports betting differs per sportsbook, but the most popular sports are of course available at almost every sportsbook. We list the most common sports.

Sports Betting – Football betting

Betting on football is of course by far the most popular sport to bet on in Australia. This is of course not limited to the premier league, but many other competitions are also available within the platform. Live betting on sports matches and tournaments is usually always possible.

Sports Betting – Formula 1

Since the rise of Max Verstappen, sports betting on Formula 1 races has only increased in popularity in Australia. Some sports non BetStop betting sites even have a specialized racebook section that focuses entirely on betting on Formula 1 races.

Sports Betting – Horse Racing

Horse racing is also a very popular form of sports gambling in Australia. This form of sports betting is a bit more unpredictable than most other forms of sports betting, as you are dealing with animals here. Yet horse racing is so popular that there are even virtual forms of horse racing betting.

Sports Betting – eSports betting

Esports is the youngest form of sports betting. This concerns so-called “Electronic Sports”, or video games. Think of popular games such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends and FIFA. Of course, not everyone is familiar with this form of sport, which requires some prior knowledge. Still, eSports betting is growing in popularity and will continue to grow in popularity over time.

Sports Betting – Darts Betting

Betting on darts is of course one of the most popular sports to bet on. You will find this category in almost every sportsbook. You usually have the choice here to bet on the outcome of the match as well as individual sets and legs.

Sports Betting – Betting on Cycling

When it comes to betting on sports, cycling cannot be missed. This is a very popular way of betting on sports, especially during the Tour de France.

Sports Betting – Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular sports betting methods worldwide, this sport is also very popular for sports betting in Australia. As with cycling, betting on tennis is especially popular during major tournaments. So think especially of the Grand Slams.

Sports Betting – Basketball Betting 

Perhaps not the sport you will think of most quickly in terms of popularity in Australia, but the NBA is extremely popular for betting on the sport. Betting on NBA matches is also very popular in Australia. Of course, this form of betting on sports is popular in the US, but you will find this sport in almost every sportsbook.

Sports Betting – Skating Betting

Australia is a world superpower in the field of skating. It is therefore logical that betting on skating is immensely popular in Australia. This form of betting on sports is extremely popular, especially during the Olympic Games.

Make Money With Online Sports Betting In Australia – The Best Sports Betting Tips And Strategies

Although betting on sports is partly luck, you can increase your chances of winning by following some sports betting tips. This allows you to make a better-informed bet. We list the best sports betting tips.

Use Non-BetStop Betting Sites Bonuses

The easiest way to increase your potential winnings is to take advantage of the many bonuses that non BetStop betting sites offer. So always pay attention to any current promotions to possibly place a higher bet, without having to pay extra for this.

Start With Small Bets

Although it is best to start with a little more money for welcome bonuses, it is smart to use this money sparingly in the beginning. This way you get used to the platform and you feel less pressure to win. As you get into sports betting and gain more knowledge, you can bet more and more.

Most non BetStop betting sites from this list have a very low minimum deposit amount. This is on average around €10.

Make a Budget Plan Before You Start Betting at Non BetStop Betting Sites

Agree with yourself on how much you want to gamble per day or per week. This way you keep control over your spending and you don't lose all your play money in one day by going all-in on one match.

Do Your Research

There are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of a particular match. So it's not pure luck. Think about possible injuries of players, whether it is an away or home game and what the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents are.

Sports Betting Bonuses

With the non BetStop betting sites from our top 8 you regularly receive the best non BetStop betting sites bonuses. Of course this starts with a welcome bonus, which gives you a percentage bonus based on your first few deposits. Often this is 100%. 

In addition, you regularly see that, if you have been betting on sports for some time, you sometimes get odds boosts on your bets. This increases the potential payout if you win your bet.

Moreover, at many non BetStop betting sites, you regularly have a chance to win a percentage cashback on your deposits. You can therefore receive part of your deposit in the form of a bonus. Of course, this is lower than the 100%+ that you normally receive with your welcome bonus.

Sports Betting on Your Mobile – Best Non BetStop Betting Sites Apps

Most non BetStop betting sites have an excellent browser version for sports betting on your mobile. This is especially true for the newer non BetStop betting sites. Of course, you see more and more that online casinos and sportsbook also offer the best casino apps.

Although the browser versions of non BetStop betting sites usually function fine, apps are just a bit more user-friendly. We therefore expect that all non BetStop betting sites from our list will soon release an app for online sports betting in Australia.

Conclusion – Betting on Sport in Australia

Sports betting in Australia is becoming increasingly popular and more mainstream. It is therefore important that you find a reliable and good sportsbook where you can gamble sports in Australia with confidence. From our analysis, Palm Casino comes out on top as the best sports betting platform here.

Of course, the other non BetStop betting sites from the list are also of high quality, but Palm Casino offers the highest welcome bonus with a large selection and an attractive user interface. When you just start with sports betting in Australia, it is important to keep a number of points of attention. We have therefore discussed these extensively under the section “Betting on sports tips”.

Other related betting not on gamstop contents:

Can I stream live sports and bet on sports matches and tournaments at the same time?

You can! Please note that live sports betting is not available at all Non BetStop betting sites. So watch out for this in our mini review section

How does online sports betting work?

You can bet on sports by registering with a sportsbook. Here you select specific matches, tournaments or live matches where you can bet on certain categories. So don't just think of the eventual winner, but also man of the match or penalties, for example.

Where can I bet on sports?

You do this at a reliable non BetStop betting site. A good example where you can easily bet on sports in Australia is Palm Casino.

Can you get rich with sports betting?

Yes, but you will have to take some risk for this. Higher odds mean you can make big profits, but the favorite has low odds, while the weaker team has high odds. You will therefore also have to have a healthy dose of luck to win a bet with high odds.

Where can you bet on football?

Betting on football is possible at almost every sportsbook. For example, Palm Casino has a very large selection of football bets in different leagues.

How old do you have to be to bet on sports?

Sports betting in Australia is possible from the age of 18. Sports betting is not legal in Australia before that age.