How to Get 100% Guaranteed Profits From Sure Bets

How to Get 100% Guaranteed Profits From Sure Bets?

As an expert in sports betting, you have probably heard of Sure Betting or Sure Bets. These are bets for the ‘real experts' who delve into all markets and different non GamStop bookmakers. It remains a difficult phenomenon that is difficult for many people to understand. That is why in this article we explain in detail what Sure Bets exactly are.

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What Is a Sure Bet?

A Sure Bet exists if a profit is made on one match or event, regardless of the outcome. In most cases, the Sure Bet player at different non GamStop casinos plays all 1X2 bets or other opposite outcomes on one match. Almost all Sure Bets require different bets to achieve the maximum result. In short; If there is a SureBet, as a player you will receive a guaranteed profit from a certain bet, regardless of the outcome.

In the past we have seen people confuse Sure Bets with Free Bets. With a Sure Bet you always play with your own money. A Free Bet, on the other hand, is a free chance to win with a bet. So you don't always get positive results from this.

How Is a Sure Bet Created?

It is of course interesting to know how the Sure Bets are created at non GamStop bookmakers. If you, as a player, know the cause of the Sure Bets, you will recognize them more easily. In principle, there is only one logical explanation for the creation of Sure Bets.

These sure bets arise when non GamStop bookmakers use different odds for the same match. If one non GamStop bookmaker has low odds and another bookmaker has high odds, it is possible that major differences will arise. If those differences are large enough and the expected payout is less than 100%, it is a sure bet.

It is not the case that a particular sport or category is extra sensitive to Sure Bets. We do know from experience that several non GamStop bookmakers have difficulty with tennis. An individual sport with different surfaces, physical conditions and many more factors for which it is difficult to make calculations. There is probably a greater chance that differences will arise here sooner than, for example, in football.

How Do You Calculate a Sure Bet?

Calculating a sure bet is actually very simple. You add up all the probabilities of all possible outcomes and see whether this is above or below 100%. Suppose Club Brugge plays against RSC Anderlecht with the following odds from different bookmakers: Club Brugge wins (2.50), draw (3.40) and RSC Anderlecht wins (3.10).

In this case, Club Brugge is 40%, the draw is more than 29% and RSC Anderlecht's win is more than 32%. In total, this gives you approximately 101% expected payout. That is more than 100 and in this example there is no sure bet. Suppose Club Brugge has odds of 3.00 (33%) with another non GamStop bookmaker, the total payout is suddenly 94% instead of 101%. Then there is certainly a Sure Bet and you win an average of 6% on the bet.

It is of course not an option to worry about certain formulas every time. Fortunately, there are various tools to calculate a Sure Bet. We always use the Online Sure Bets Calculator. Here you enter the total bet, the highest and lowest odds plus the correct currency. Ultimately, in the right column you will see the possible profit you make when playing the entered bets.

There are of course more versions of the surebet calculator. We use the above as an example because we believe it is the most user-friendly.

Certain Bets & Markets

Betting money on Sure Bets is possible in many different ways. This varies from markets with two possible outcomes to markets with, for example, a Correct Score. It may happen that, for example, 8 different options together end up below 100%. A little more work to achieve the maximum payout, but it is possible.

The world of sports betting therefore contains a huge range of different odds, providers and markets. The big advantage is that there are several opportunities to make a Sure Bet. For someone who plays regularly, it is always worth checking out different bookmakers before placing a bet. Who knows, you might place a very nice Value Tip that later turned out to be a sure bet by adding another bet.