Cold Turkey Web-filter Review

Cold Turkey Web-filter Review

If you are looking for an easy-to-use web-filter that will help you focus on your work and get rid of compulsive gambling, then you should consider using Cold Turkey!

Cold Turkey is the most convenient option as it is fairly easy to install and use on all internet connected devices. This web filer works as a web filter where the user can block gambling websites that he does not want to access.

The official website notes that this tool is a “high dose of discipline,” which is a higher dose than we expected to find. This tool not only blocks websites, but also blocks all distractions in general, which include applications and even the entire Internet.

The great feature of this web-filter is that it does not allow the user to cancel his subscription or modify his customization of the web-filter.

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Cold Turkey Subscription Options

With Cold Turkey, you can choose from three options: “Blocker”, “Micromanager” and “Writer”.

The first option is “Writer,” and its subscription price is only €9, which is the cheapest among the three options. This tier blocks everything to allow users to type without distraction.

The second option is “Micromanager” and it costs €19. This option works by dividing websites into a white/black list. Users of this option can allocate specific times to use each site individually, and create time intervals so that users can manage their time precisely.

The third option, which is the strongest, is “Blocker,” which blocks all websites. To activate this option, you will have to pay €39 one time only, which is considered a very attractive price.

Moreover, all of these plans have a 7-day free trial that you can try out before making your decision to sign up for one of them. Furthermore, all paid plans come with a standard 30-day money back guarantee in place. As for the financial methods supported by Cold Turkey, it accepts bank cards and PayPal as well.