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Emirates Loto

In 2020, UAE launched the first digital loto prize in the Middle East which was named “Emirates Loto”, then it has been renamed “Mahzooz” which means lucky in Arabic! The UAE loto prize draw happens in Saturdays. But it was paused from mid-July to November to update the brand. Raise the quality of the platform. Upgrade the systems. Now, players can directly log into the Mahzooz site and buy tickets, or buy tickets directly through the Android or iPhone app.

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Emirates Loto Prizes aka Mahzooz

EWINGS Co-CEO Teresa Starr said the winners will receive the following prizes:

➤ The lucky winners who will predict six correct numbers will receive a prize of 50 million dirhams (equivalent to 13 million and 600 thousand dollars)!

➤ The winners who predict 5 correct numbers out of 6, will receive a second level prize of one million dirhams (equivalent to $ 270,000).

➤ If the player predicts four numbers, he will win a cash prize of 1,000 dirhams ($ 270).

➤ Players who predict 3 numbers will win 35 dirhams, and these prizes may increase depending on the number of participating players and the total amount of bets.

EWINGS Co-CEO, Fred Samji, said that the ticket price is still 35 dirhams ($ 10). He recalled, “We decided to take a short pause after receiving valuable feedback from our customers. Now our new platform is smoother than ever, and the price of the single ticket is still 35 dirhams which is affordable for everyone”.
In fact, no one has yet won the grand prize (which started with 35 million dirhams, then raised to 50 million dirhams). But according to EWINGS, around 47,500 players from 50 different counties won prizes with a total of AED 14,670,500 in previous draws.

What is the purpose of the Emirates Loto?

The national lotos in any country serves two main goals; financing the major development projects, or supporting charitable projects. Emirates Loto serves the second goal, as the Mahzooz loto will support many charitable projects aimed at raising health care and fitness levels and financing various community programs in many countries such as Lebanon, Sudan, and Iraq.

The CEO said: “The draws of the loto are weekly to encourage more players to join. So, we can collect more money to change the lives of the luckiest winners as well as poor families! We fund various charitable activities in line with the initiatives of the United Arab Emirates”.

She added, “We are working with a group of strategic partners to achieve social responsibility policies”.

Regarding the Corona pandemic and its impact on this huge project, the co-CEO says: “We have realized that many companies have reduced their expenses and reduced the number of their employees due to the epidemic. Unluckily, charitable work was the area most affected by this epidemic! After we stopped the project for 4 months, we are resuming to provide urgent support for various charitable activities; whether by giving weekly grocery boxes to people in need. Provide support for those who lose their jobs. Also, we prepare a program to take care of the poorest families”.

How Do I Register For Emirates Loto?

You can register for Emirates Loto by following these steps:

➢ Enter Mahzooz site.

➢ Click the (Create account) tab.

➢ Fill out the registration form that asks you to enter the name, password, email, phone number, one-time passcode (OTP), first name, middle and last name, gender, nationality, address of residence, city, zip code, and residence country.

➢ After that, read the terms and conditions and privacy policy document, then confirm that you are over 18 years old.

➢ Choose your preferred payment method (you can pay with any direct debit, credit, or prepaid card).
➢ Now you can buy a ticket for only AED 35! (The site supports all international currencies).

Emirates Loto Website Sections

The homepage shows the following sections:

➢ Play. Through this section, you can buy tickets and learn how to draw works

➢ Draw. This section shows you the live stream of the tickets, results of previous draws, and the winners.

➢ Community. This section shows you the initiatives of Emirates loto.

➢ Latest news

➢ About us

How to play Emirates loto?

The player chooses 6 numbers of his ticket from numbers (1-49).

The game chooses the winning numbers electronically and randomly. Usually, you will find the largest number of winners are those who got 3 numbers out of 6, followed by the winners who got 5 numbers out of 6, then the winners who got 4 numbers out of 6.

The draw takes place on Saturdays, and you will receive a notification to watch the show on your smartphone or computer.

If you want to get more winning chances, you must buy more tickets. This way you will be able to increase your odds! The maximum amount for purchasing tickets during a single day is 10,500 dirhams.

As of the time of writing this article, more than 6,000 players from all over the world have won UAE Loto prizes. That is the lotto offers prizes to 2,000 every month.

Is there a reliable strategy to win the Emirates Loto?

In fact, loto games are the most popular form of gambling! The first loto competition was launched in the United States of America in 1934. Since that date, this contest has been launched all over the world. For more than 90 years, there have been many programmers and adventurers who have tried to control the odds by gathering a large group of people to buy a huge number of tickets! Then divide the prize between the participants.

Although this strategy sometimes worked. However, the profit that one was getting was very low!

In fact, the odds of winning any of the Lotto prizes are very low. So, you can try live casino games such as: (Bet on Numbers and Mega Ball). Dubai online casinos are found here

Bet On Numbers

Ezugi released this game in 2018, the company is known for its high-quality games that are compatible with all electronic devices.

Like any live casino game, Bet On Numbers is presented in a dedicated studio by a real dealer, and it is available around the clock. The game includes a group of 36 numbers (1 to 36). Each number is put into a unique coloured ball. Players can bet on different numbers and colours.

For example, you can bet on the colours of the first three numbers, or determine the last three numbers. Also, you can bet on the sum of the winning numbers; Is it going to be less than 120 or it will be more than 155.

Features Of Bet on Numbers Game?

This game has a wide range of features. It can accept an unlimited number of players, which means that anyone can play even in peak hours! Another thing that makes this game attractive is that the player can purchase multiple tickets to increase his winning odds.

In addition, the fast-paced gameplay allows the draw to happen every 4-6 minutes, so you will and enjoy the excitement of fast play. Unlike the emirates loto draws are held every week!

As for the quality of the live broadcast, this game gets the highest score as it is displayed in Full HD quality, also the game is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming licensing authority. In addition, the game is also verified by the following committees (SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, RSG-Eclipse).

Bet on Numbers Prizes

One of the main things that make this game attractive is the prizes it gives. If the player succeeds in predicting the numbers, he will receive a profit equal to 7x his bet! While he predicts two consecutive numbers, he will get a profit equal to 70x his bet. If he predicts 3 balls correctly, he will get your 750x. The four balls give you a double-winning of up to 2000 times.

Finally, players can also bet on the amounts. Here a player can bet that the amount will be less or more than a certain number. For example, betting that the total will be less than 120.

In addition to these attractive payouts, players also receive other cool features. Includes keeping preferred bets and managing risks.

Mega Ball

Evolution Gaming has just revealed its new game, Mega Ball. Which can be described as a mix between Keno and Bingo!

This game has many wonderful features; Displayed in a real environment and brought to you by a real dealer.

How does Mega Ball work?

➥ The player can buy from 1 to 200 cards, and the player can determine the price of each card.

➥ The player can choose any number between 1 to 51.

➥ The game choses 20 balls randomly

➥ Once the 20 balls displayed, the dealer turns on the large screen that offers multiples from x5 to x100 to the winning players!

One spin of Mega Ball takes 3 minutes. The player has 15 seconds in the beginning to place his bet. The minimum bet is 0.10 €. And the game is available around the clock!

For many players, this game is the first “convincing” version of live bingo. Despite the differences in rules as the number of balls is only 51, Mega Ball still a very attractive game.