How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to a Casino and Gamble?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to a Casino and Gamble?

How old does a casino player should be? Just like in the physical gambling halls, there is also a minimum age for online gambling. However, this is not set by the non GamStop casino, but by the gaming authority that supervise it. For example, you must be at least 18 years of age or older to play at Aspers Casino, The Hippodrome Casino, and Crockfords Club is 18 years old. But what is the minimum age for online gambling?

The answer: it just depends on where a casino has the license. Within the European Union there is sometimes a difference in the minimum age for online gambling. So, you have to look where the casino has a license. It is always best to read the terms & conditions first. Some casinos have different age requirements. In this article we have provided you with the age requirements for online casinos located in the UK, Malta, Curaçao, Belgium, and other EU countries.

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Minimum Age for Gambling in the UK: 18 years

Both online and offline, UK casinos only allow you if you are 18 years or older. British casinos reserves the right to shut off any portion of the casino premises at any time if it comes to their attention that the player is under the legal age of 18.

At online casinos, you cannot create an account if you’re a minor because they require their customer to send identification documents. You also have to pay attention because there are gambling halls that have higher requirements. They have raised the minimum age for gambling to 21 or even 24. They do this because the municipality in which they are located makes this a requirement for a licence.

There is also a special restriction for gambling online. Because the UKGC knows that young players are more vulnerable to addiction, it offers them extra ‘protection'. You may only receive casino bonuses in the online casino from the age of 24. To avoid frustration, it is best to be aware of this minimum gambling age.

Minimum Age for Gambling in Malta: 18 Years – 25 Years

Malta has a different minimum gambling age for foreigners and Maltese. With a different nationality you can gamble from the age of 18. However, the residents themselves are only allowed to gamble in a land-based casino from the age of 25. This means that if you are on holiday in Malta, you can enter, for example, the Portomaso Casino or the Dragonara Casino from the age of 18. A Maltese man can enter from the age of 25. They can bet on sports, buy scratch cards and participate in the lottery from the age of 16.

It is striking that the limit for gambling online in Malta is 18. Also, a 24-year-old Maltese man is not allowed to enter any land-based casino premises, but can gamble online on a platform. You can therefore play from the age of 18 in an online casino with a Maltese license.

Minimum Age for Gambling in Curaçao: 18 Years

Online gambling is not legal in Curaçao. Unless you don't live there! An 18-year-old resident is therefore not allowed to gamble at a licensed casino in Curaçao. If you do not live on this island, you can gamble from the age of 18. As an adult, you are therefore welcome at casinos and bookmakers that operate with a license issued in Curaçao.

Once you have passed the age limit of 18, all online casinos are happy to open the virtual doors for you.

It does not hurt to read the general terms and conditions carefully in advance. Some casinos located in Curacao apply different rules.

Minimum Age for Gambling in Belgium: 18 Years – 21 Years

Belgium wouldn't be Belgium if they didn't come up with something special! You can only play from the age of 21 in a Belgian casino online or one of the online arcades at our southern neighbours. This also applies to all land-based casinos in the country.

From the age of 18 you can buy scratch cards, participate in lotteries and bet on sports or gamble on horses.

Minimum Age for Other Countries in the EU

In the vast majority of countries in the European Union, the minimum age for online gambling or land-based gambling is 18. This applies to 21 of the 27 Member States, including Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. The Netherlands therefore also uses the limit of 18. There are three countries where the limit is 21 years. We already mentioned Belgium and furthermore these are Estonia and Lithuania. Sweden, on the other hand, is sitting between 18 and 21 again. Swedes can gamble from the age of 20. The Greeks are allowed to bet from the age of 21 and gamble in the casino from the age of 23. The trend is generally for European countries to lower the minimum age for gambling. For example, several German states lowered the age from 21 to 18 years. 

Gambling As a Minor: Don't!

We advise you not to do this. Gambling as a minor is not wise in several respects. First, gambling is addictive. Legislators, in all their wisdom and with scientific research at the ready, have set a certain minimum age for gambling for a reason.

Apart from the fact that it is not allowed and not wise, it also makes no sense online. You can only lose. When paying out winnings, you must provide documents to verify your gambling account. Online casinos are required by law and do not deviate from this. Will the casino find out that you have entered incorrect data? Then you can whistle at your profit. You can, however, try to challenge the fact that they should not have allowed you to create an account as a minor. You may still be able to get a payout from the casino.

Are you of age and would you like to gamble? Then use our online casino comparison to see which reliable online casino suits you best. First check the general terms and conditions to see if they have a different minimum age for gambling.