How The Pandemic Affected The British Gambling Market

How The Pandemic Affected British Gambling Market?

The UKGC has released a report explains how the corona pandemic has affected the UK gaming industry.

The pandemic affected regular gambling place as well as online platforms that offer global sports betting only. While other platforms that offer sports betting besides casino games, poker, bingo, and baccarat made good profits. Since the behavior of players towards online gambling has not changed during the pandemic. Rather the players have increased in Britain and all over the world alike!

The UKGC releases an annual report that includes the size of the British gambling market. This report shows the market insight according to casino numbers and players data.

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Based on this report, the committee makes decisions regarding online casinos. These decisions achieve three main goals namely:

✔️ Reducing the gambling among underage players.

✔️ Combating money laundering.

✔️ Excluding addicted players.

Despite this, the committee has issued an interim report covering the period of the corona lockdown. This period has led to the closure of regular casinos and the revival of online casinos. This report can help companies that operate gambling sites deal with any new pandemic that may occur in the future.

The most important data in this report

The UKGC report period is from April to September 2020. Covering all forms of regular and virtual gambling. This report has shown that the total return of the industry has reached 8.36 billion dollars. The whole year from April 2019 to April 2020 achieved $20 billion. Meaning that the industry has witnessed a big revenue drop with a percentage of 50% compared with the last year!

The biggest hit was in the regular gambling sector, which includes casinos, betting shops, bingo halls and poker sites. Since this sector was the first to apply closure measures and the last to resume!

During the period from April to September 2020. Brick and mortar casinos made only $95 million. Compared to $1.5 billion they made in the same period the previous year! The profits of the bingo halls have also decreased; They have achieved 130 million euros only, although they made $820 million in the previous year!

Online casinos and virtual sports saved the industry!

Although many analysts believed that esports betting has a long way to achieve a tangible leap. This sector managed to make this leap in 2020! Likewise, many analysts believed that virtual casino games could not compete with regular gambling games. However, 2020 proved the exact opposite as well!

The total industry amounted to $4.37 billion during the period from April to September 2020 to $4.37 billion. During the same period the previous year, it achieved only $3.99 billion! That is, it is one of the few sectors that achieved growth during the Corona pandemic period. With a rate of 9.6%.

Online casinos had the highest growth rate of 22.7% and made a profit of $2.75 billion.

The UKGC report indicates that online casinos got more than 15 million new accounts during the same period. Meaning that British players’ accounts on online casinos increased by 50%! Since at the end of September last year there were only 30 million accounts. This does not mean that there are 30 million casino players in Britain! As many players join more than one casino to get bonuses and double offers. Also, often many players do not make a single deposit at all. However, this does not negate that 2020 saw a huge boom in the number of players in British online casinos!