How to Block Gambling Sites on iPad

How to Block Gambling Sites on iPad?

Today is an action day on gambling addiction. Gambling addiction has serious consequences for those affected and their families. In an age where digital convenience can sometimes lead to digital overindulgence, finding ways to control online behavior is more important than ever. For iPad users who use their devices for a long time and want to avoid the temptation of online betting, or for those looking to protect family members from access to gambling sites, blocking these platforms can be a crucial step. In this article, we will learn about the practical measures that you must take in order to escape the clutches of gambling. 

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When Do You Play Too Much in Online Casinos By Your iPad?

Let we put it first: playing in an online casino with your iPad is fun. But it must remain fun. Some players have trouble with that. They do not know when it is better to stop gambling and/or when they should simply stop gambling in a casino altogether.

There are a number of checkpoints to help you determine if you are a problematic player. We are going to help you. Answer yourself – honestly, otherwise there is really no point – the following questions:

  • I have sometimes gotten into financial problems playing in casinos.
  • I have sometimes neglected my social contacts because of playing in casinos.
  • I once went to play in a casino, even though I had planned to do something else.
  • I have sometimes neglected my work because of playing in casinos.
  • I have sometimes gone a night without sleeping because of playing in casinos.
  • I have played in a casino and told my friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband that I had not played in a casino.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we say, you should watch out. If you answered ‘yes' twice, you should stop gambling in an (online) casino for a while.

Software Blocking Apps – Gamban, GamBlock & Betfilter

All three programs (Gamban, GamBlock and Betfilter) are software that is intended to block websites with gambling content. Ultimately, all websites guarantee protection from all online casinos, sports betting providers and lottery or bingo sites.

Furthermore, all websites with gambling content should be blocked without affecting pages without gambling content. As a result, they don't use simple word filters and block keywords from the gambling sector, but have come up with other systems, which they don't want to explain in more detail for fear of competition. It should no longer be possible to delete the app or programs during the license, and resetting the computer should also be blocked.

GamBlock is certainly the best known, being a company from Australia that provides various programs for Samsung, other Android smartphones, iPhones or iPads and Windows PCs. The costs are calculated depending on the device used and the extent of the limitation that the program is intended to implement. In some cases it can cost up to 160 US dollars (just under 135 euros) per year to protect yourself on a device if you want the full range of services. They advertise this with experience since 2000 and that they know exactly how to reliably protect problem gamblers. In your own opinion you are the best provider.

Betfilter is operated by GPHP Group Limited, based in Hong Kong. When it comes to software, the company only differentiates between Android and iOS mobile devices as well as Apple or Windows PCs. The cost for an annual license is around 70 US dollars (just under 60 euros), with the fees applying to one device.

Gamban is offered by Beanstalk HPS Limited, which is based in the UK. All you have to do is install the app or software and then log in using your email, for which you must have previously purchased a license. After setting it up, you should be immediately protected from all gambling sites. In terms of costs, the company is the cheapest, only charging 11.99 euros per mobile device per year.