How to Stop Casino Pop-Ups By the Ad-bloker

How to Stop Casino Pop-Ups By the Ad-bloker?

Pop-ups that take up your entire screen, ads that interrupt your slot at a non GamStop casino… online advertising is everywhere. Do you find this annoying or would you rather not be tempted by all those advertisements? Then an ad blocker can help you block online casino pop-ups.

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What Is an Ad-blocker?

An ad blocker is a small piece of software that can block advertisements while you are surfing. This can be done on your computer as well as on your smartphone or tablet.

Ad blockers ensure that you are not tempted to get things you do not need and that you can surf faster because no advertisements have to load. In addition, they reduce the chance of malicious software being installed on your computer.

Do Ad Blockers Block All Advertising?

How many pop-ups an ad blocker can block depends on the ad blocker you install. There are many ad blockers available: some are free, others can only be used for a fee. Most ad blockers mainly focus on annoying, flashy banners and pop-ups.

It is important to know that no ad blocker can block all advertisements. For example, an ad blocker can block the ads that appear before a YouTuber's vlog starts. But if the same YouTuber advertises a specific product during his vlog (we call this ‘ influencer marketing ‘), you will still see it. You can also only view some websites if you disable your ad blocker.

An Ad Blocker, Are There Any Disadvantages to It?

An Casino Pop-Ups has few disadvantages for you. It's a different story for the casinos you visit: they miss out on a lot of advertising revenue. Some casinos are even completely dependent on that income to survive.

This Is How You Set Up an Ad Blocker

Find a suitable ad blocker via your search engine, App Store or Google Play. Don't feel like comparing? Then choose AdBlock, for example: this is one of the best-known ad blockers, which is also free. On your smartphone or tablet, search for AdBlock for iPhone (iOS) or AdBlock for Samsung Internet (Android).

Download the adblocker and follow the instructions. On your desktop or laptop you will find the ad blocker as an extension of your browser. You install a separate app for this on your smartphone or tablet.

Ready to surf pop-free! Do you want to temporarily disable the ad blocker or ‘allowlist' certain casinos? You can do this via the settings of the browser extension or app.