Betfair calculator

How to Use the Betfair betting calculator?

Betfair calculator? In the past, sports punters would go to land-based betting shops and calculate the betting odds manually. If the bettor wasn’t lucky enough to remember his pen and notebook, he might have had to calculate his bet’s returns on his cigarette pack!

Nowadays, punters can calculate the potential winnings in just a few seconds using the free electronic built-in calculator offered by the online bookie! As sportsbooks always working on expanding their covered sports and betting markets. They have simplified the betting process by providing many tools to analyse, customise, and control each bet. In terms of saving time, the betting calculator is the most effective and helpful tool! Novice players can use it to practice the betting process before risking real money. Also, experienced punters can use it to analyse compound bets.

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With this calculator, you can find out the profits you can gain from a bet by a particular stake. In addition, you can tackle the live betting markets, which change at a rapid pace according to the match’s events. 

Betfair was the first betting exchange platform to offer the betting calculator. In fact, Betfair is the most innovative brand in the bookmaking industry. Besides the betting calculator, it has provided many valuable tools, such as live betting, live streaming, and eSports betting. The Betfair calculator tool is on offer for free. Therefore, even non-participates can use it to find out the winnings they can get from a bet, regardless of where they want to place it!

In this article, we will give you all the info you need to know about the Betfair calculator and how you can use it to pick up the best betting odds quickly.

What Is the Betfair Betting Calculator?

Commonly known as “returns calculator” and “odds calculator”, the Betfair calculator is a free built-in tool multiply odds with the stake amount to give the profit amount. Thus, you can choose the best bet according to your risk tolerance, bankroll mechanisms, and expected profits.

Although many online bookies offer betting calculators, Betfair’s is the most popular because it is the first-ever and most sophisticated. This calculator is compatible with all types of bets as you can use it for single bets and group bets. In addition, it works with all kinds of sports bets without.

How to Use the Betfair Calculator?

Betfair calculator is free, and all punters can use it even if they don’t have an account on Betfair. So, you can bookmark its page to reach it immediately each time you want to place a new bet. Such a precious tool is available for free means sports bettors can use it to learn sports betting in the easiest and safest way – trial and error! To further clarify how to use this tool, we will outline its functions and fields in detail:

The first field of the Betfair calculator is your bet type. Although selecting the bet type is an easy copy-paste task, the terminology could be an obstacle for novice punters. To treat the betting terminological vagueness dilemma, most bookies offer an easy-to-use glossary. Just stop on the bet with the mouse cursor, and the definition window will appear immediately. For example, a bet on the event’s winner is called a “money line”. The bet on the average goals scored in a match is called an “over/under”. A bet on multiple outcomes is called a “parlays”.

Generally, multiple bets guarantee more wins, but only in case if all expected results come true, but if you lose one or more bets you may not get any winnings!


If you combine 4 or more bets on one ticket, this bet will be an accumulator bet, often referred to as an “ACCY”. Despite its high risks, it is trendy among all sports bettors who seek the highest possible winnings with small stakes.

Full Cover

The biggest and most risky type of sports bet is the “full cover” bet, consisting of multiple group bets. Unlike single straight bets, the full cover bets give you a chance to win even if you can't predict all the outcomes correctly. A full cover bet has different names according to the number and type of bets it includes. For example, the bet which contains six doubles, four triples, and a fourfold ACCA is “Yankee”. To win this bet, you will need to win only two bets. The higher your winning bets, the higher your potential returns will be. In addition, full cover bets can also include a vast range of events. For example, the Heinz bet contains:

  • 15 double bets ( check on lucky bet 15 )
  • 20 triple bets
  • 15 ACCA bets (include 4 bets)
  • 6 ACCA bets (include 5 bets)
  • 1 ACCA bet (include 6 bets)

You can generate a win from Heinz bet if 2 of your selections come true, and the more you bet correctly, the higher winnings you will collect!

How to Enter Betting Odds On the Betfair Calculator?

The Betfair betting calculator is based on decimal format. So, if you are using the fractional or US format, you must adjust the odds display on your betting site to decimal form from the homepage.

Then, you can copy the betting odds and paste them on the Betfair calculator. The tool will then ask you to enter your stake amount. Note that the currency does not matter, only the outcome of the process is important.

The third field you need to fill in is commission percentage. If you bet on a betting exchange like Betfair and win your bet, your winnings will be charged the “commission” percentage. The other sports betting sites charge the same percentage, calling it “the house edge”. In both cases, this fee ranges from 1% to 3% at most.

If you are still new to sports betting, you can take some time to understand the relationship between risk and returns, odds and potential profits. This calculator is an excellent and free exercise for all newcomers, regardless of their favourite sports.

Simple Betting Calculator vs Multi Betting Calculator

If you prefer double, triple, ACCA, and cover bets, the simple betting calculator may not be helpful to you. Instead, you can use the professional betting calculator. Simple Betting Calculator will be more suitable for single and straight bets.

In general, the multi bet calculator will be suitable for the following types:

  • Multiple bets
  • Cover bets
  • ACCA bets
  • Each way

Whether you want to place an ACCA or a cover bet, you can enter your stake, all your bets, and odds. Then, you will find the total of your expected winnings.