wshful on gamstop ?

Is Wshful on GamStop?

Wshful Casino is registered with Gamstop? We all dream of winning the life-changing jackpot prize and making all of our dreams come true. Although the odds are low, lottery prizes can be tempting for anyone. For instance, Euromillions has a jackpot of €190,000,000 million. The American Megamillions has a record grand prize of $6,000,000 million, but the Powerball exceeds it with $1,600,000 billion! You can take part in the jackpot lotteries by purchasing tickets individually from an agent store or online. However, your winning odds will be miserable! For example, if you bought a Powerball lottery ticket, your odds will be 1 in 292.2 million! So, how can you increase your winning chances? The simple answer is: Wishful!

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Wshful is the largest lottery syndicate service in the world. Lottery syndicates gather people who dream of winning the world-renowned jackpots in independent groups to buy as many tickets as they can. If they had any winning tickets, the prize would be divided between the participants according to the number of tickets they have purchased. Thus, every bettor has greater odds. In fact, one of three major jackpots prizes you can win by lotto syndicates, and this is an additional motivation to participate in this service.

Want to know more about Wshful and what they think of GamStop? Read on to find out more.

What Is the Lotto Syndicates?

In the simple sense, a lotto syndicate comprises a group of individuals who participate in playing together by pooling their money to buy as many tickets as possible. If the group is lucky and they already win, they will share the prize.

What is Wshful?

What is the thing that is near to impossible?! To win the jackpot by buying a single ticket, do you know the reason behind this impossibility? Simply because the odds are not in your favour, if the odds are 1 in a thousand, they are minuscule, let alone if the odds are 1 in a million or 1 in 50 million! 

Some savvy mathematicians have come up with a trick to make the odds a little better: the lotto syndicates. These associations are not guilds in the literal sense, but a group of adventurous bettors who buy as many tickets as possible, and if one or more of their tickets win, they distribute the prize amongst the members. 

At first, this idea was informal, but with the growth of lottos, organisations rose to run the “bettors associations” safely and independently.

It is worth noting that these syndicates do not violate any law. They are only taking advantage of the odds. In addition, it is helpful for lottery organisations because they buy a large number of tickets at once.

Wshful platform is a legal British business entity registered in Britain and operating under the regulating laws.

Wshful is one of the most popular lotteries in the UK and allows users to bet on three of the biggest lotteries in Europe, namely Euromillions, Mega Millions and Powerball.

The syndicate organises player groups but limits the number of each group to 80 – 100 participants. So, members can receive an average of 120x the value of each ticket they buy. Thus, they will have greater profit potential with every Euro they spend.

Wshful Rewards

Although the lotto platforms are tight on bonuses and promos as their profit margin isn’t as high as online casinos, we found two rewards at the Wshful Syndicate. The first offer you can get when you refer new friends to the site. The value of this bonus is 40 free UK lotto lines, and your friends will also get a similar offer. The second bonus is the loyalty points that players get when they play on the site for a while. After collecting enough loyalty points, you can exchange them for free lottery lines.

How does Wshful work?

Wshful has a subscription-styled model. Players can choose from three levels, namely:

  • Basic (single syndicate) offers 80 chances
  • Standard (three syndicates) offers 240 chances
  • Premium (6 syndicates) offers 480 chances

Each higher tier gives players more chances, boosted odds, and less cost due to the price differential. The platform never places any commission on your earnings, and you can withdraw the total value of your profits if you have $3 or more in your balance.

Does Wshful Operate Under the UKGC?

No, since that Wshful doesn’t run or promote lotto, it isn’t subject to a license or any permission from the UKGC. Likewise, if you want to run a lotto syndicate among a group of your friends, you don’t need to get permission from the UKGC, only make sure that your syndicate isn’t promoting lotto only.

Although the UKGC covers lotto service providers, it does not cover lottery syndicates. Therefore, this platform is not covered by GamStop and excluded British players can sign up for Wshful normally.


The main advantage of playing at Wshful is to increase your winning odds and get a chance to participate in all jackpot tiers, from the biggest to the smallest. But as you get higher odds, the profits will decrease! In other words, Wshful turns lotto from a slot game to a roulette.


The main downside to Wshful is that if you win the jackpot you will have to share it with other players. However, the solution to this dilemma is to play individually, but you may not win even if you spend a fortune on the lotto tickets!

How to Join Wshful Syndicate?

You can easily join the Wshful platform by going to the site and clicking on the signup link. The platform will ask you to write your personal data, after which you can choose a suitable payment method, there is no wide choice here, the platform only accepts Visa and Mastercard.

You can then go to the How It Works page if you want to know more. If you know your way around, you can head to the pricing page directly to choose your subscription tier. Note that subscriptions are unlimited and the minimum is 4 weeks and pricing starts from 10p to 20p per line.


All for all is a two-edged sword! You will get high winning odds. However, it will be very disappointing if you buy the winning ticket and instead of getting several million you only get several thousand because you have to share the prize with other participants!