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UK Local Casino Finder Guide | Find a Near Casino

Gambling in a physical casino has been legal for many years and this means that there are a number of prestigious casinos with a very exclusive atmosphere. At the same time, new modern casinos appear every year and it is safe to say that the UK is the European country where land-based casinos grow the fastest relative to population size.

The dress codes can vary quite a lot between the different casinos, so remember to check what applies beforehand. To play at non gamstop casino in the UK, you must be over 18 years of age, and many casinos require identification for security reasons.

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London Casinos near me

There are around 25 casinos in London, UK. Some are very small with only a couple of gaming tables and a few slots while others are considerably larger. Common to the majority of the casinos in the capital is that they have an exclusive character.

A couple of the casinos are several hundred years old and it is not uncommon for membership or recommendations to be required to even step inside the doors.

Clermont Club

One of the most classic casinos in London is the Clermont Club, where royalty, banking tycoons, actors. And other celebrities have been playing blackjack, roulette and baccarat since 1962.

The casino is located on Berkley Square in the upper-class district of Mayfair. On the terrace members can smoke their pipe. There is also a luxurious gourmet restaurant with international cuisine.


Crockfords casino is also located in Mayfair, UK. The Gambling Club was started in 1828 as a private gambling club by William Crockford, and offers a discreet. And intimate gentlemen's club environment that mixes Victorian with more modern elements. Those who can afford the high stakes can enjoy classic table games such as Blackjack or Roulette. However, there are no slots games at this casino.

Empire Casino

But London's casino scene is of course not just dusty exclusive private gaming clubs. Among the newer and more modern casinos in London, the Empire Casino, which is a Vegas-inspired casino run by Caesars Entertainment, stands out above all. Here, the range of games is complete with slot machines, lots of table games, poker, bets on sports and much more.

Empire casino is located at classic Leicester Square, and offers over 90 slots, including ones with fantastic jackpots, as well as lots of table games, not least Roulette. The casino also has a larger poker room with everything from low to slightly higher table limits.

The casino is open around the clock and every day of the week. So, no matter when you feel the urge to gamble, just pop in. And if you're in the mood for a bite to eat, they offer a restaurant which, at the time of writing, is displaying signs with its worst lobster! Not bad.

Casinos in the Rest of England

Genting Casino UK, which is a subsidiary of Malaysian gaming giant Genting Group, operates the absolute majority of casinos outside of London. Genting operates a number of casinos in both Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham (that is, the three largest cities apart from London). In addition, it has casinos in a number of other medium-sized cities.

The largest casino in England can be found in Birmingham. It goes by the name Genting Club Star City and it is actually quite an impressive casino that offers hundreds of slot machines as well as over 40 gaming tables where you as a player can enjoy all the classics and a few of the newer table games.

If you want to play cards, there are also a small number of poker tables and the casino offers various tournaments and ring games. This casino is also a meeting place for those who want to go out to eat well and dance to club music, as they offer both a bar and a restaurant. The dress code here is considerably more relaxed than at other casinos, and nice sneakers and clean jeans work.

Casinos in Scotland near me

In Scotland, which is part of Great Britain, but has far-reaching self-government, there are a total of (2015) 14 casinos. Half of these are located in the largest city of Glasgow. There are also casinos in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.

It is primarily the gaming giant Gala Casino that operates the casinos in Scotland. Gala Casino is also a giant in online games and since 2014 Gala Casino has been available online in a Swedish version.

Glasgow is the obvious destination for casino enthusiasts. There you will find Alea Casino Glasgow, which has around 20 gaming tables. With over 60 slot machines and a handful of poker tables. Gala Casino – Merchant City qualifies as a good second on the list of the largest casinos.