Casino Spam – How Do You Stop It

Casino Spam – How Do You Stop It?

Casino spam is a special type of Internet junk that is not only annoying, but also potentially dangerous to anyone who opens such an email, or worse, clicks on the link within it. Let me tell you right away – legal online casinos don't do such nonsense because it is prohibited by licensors requirements. By the way, violators of this ban have been fined by the regulator with significant amounts of money just for annoying contextual advertising, and they are in no hurry to repeat that experience.

But not all non GamStop casinos are legal, moreover, the Internet is full of scammers who successfully disguise their sites as licensed gambling sites, send spam, collect personal data or money, and then disappear into the depths of the web. Let's find out what is so dangerous about intrusive casino spam, what spammers have achieved in the types of their mailings, how to avoid attack letters, calls and SMS, what to do and how to protect your data if you have already received a malicious message.

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What Is Online Casino Spam?

Let's first understand what online casino spam is. A letter, text message or call can be considered spam if:

  • The identity of the recipient does not matter, as the written or spoken text can be applied to anyone;
  • The recipient has not given consent to send such texts, calls and SMS;
  • Receiver does not have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list or from regular telephone calls.

In other words, if you receive a message that you did not request and the text is not personalized, then it is spam. A simple example – you register at an online casino and you do not check the box next to the sentence that you want to receive the newsletter. Still, you receive emails and text messages. Or you provided a telephone number when you registered, which is now regularly called by a live person or a robot. What exactly you are informed about is irrelevant, whether it is bonuses, a seasonal prize draw, an invitation to participate in a tournament, and so on. What matters is that you did not ask for this type of information, which means it is spam.

How Do You Stop Casino Spam? – 6 Tips

Follow these simple tips to minimize the risk of receiving spam messages by email, text message or phone from non GamStop casinos:

1. Use Different Email Addresses

The first is your real email address that you use for work, contacting loved ones and online banking. The second will be great for online casino signups as your contacts and bank account will not be linked to it and you may be prepared for the possibility of promotional emails. It should be easy to remove such a box if you receive too many promotional emails; it does not contain too much important data. The same method can be applied to a phone number, although it can be more complicated.

2. A Separate Email for Each Casino

If you play at different non GamStop casinos, it is advisable to create a new email for each site. This way you can clearly identify which gambling site violates the privacy policy and leaks customer emails to illegal operators – there will be a lot of spam on the respective mailbox. This can then be used as evidence when filing a complaint.

3. Don't Throw Your Information Around

Do not give out your email or mobile number in public forums, on suspicious registration or authorization forms, etc. If you doubt the reliability of online casinos – do not register, otherwise there is a good chance that your contacts will be sold to spammers.

4. Never Open Promotional Links

It doesn't matter where the link is – in an official message from the online casino, in a text message, on a forum. On licensed platforms, notifications of bonuses, promotions, tournaments and sweepstakes will appear in your personal closet and you will not have to click on an additional external link.

Uncheck the box to receive newsletters when you register, or uncheck it in your personal box. This way you can even unsubscribe from the official spam promotional mailing list of a legitimate online casino.

5. Install Caller ID

There are dozens of such apps in the Play Market or App Store, and they capture all suspicious numbers. This software will filter out all unwanted calls and messages.

6. Install Antivirus Software on the Device Where You Play Online Casino Games

Modern software is well able to recognize and block suspicious sites. By the way, such a feature is automatically built into Google Chrome, and generally works well, so I recommend that you use that browser.

Of course, none of this provides 100% protection against online casino spam, but it does reduce the risk of being caught by scammers.

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