How Sports Adda Rate & Review Non GamStop Casinos & Betting Sites

How Sports Adda Rate & Review Non GamStop Casinos & Betting Sites?

Reliable, honest and independent non gamstop casino reviews of legal casinos. The casinos are assessed on all facets that matter to you as a player, divided into 7 main topics. This gives you a good overview of what you can expect from all online casinos. Read here how Sports Adda arrive at their assessments.

Sports Adda's view of Non GamStop Betting Sites:

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How Do Sports Adda Create Their Casino Reviews?

Sports Adda casino reviews are written independently. This website does this by assessing every casino in the same way on fixed components. Sports Adda's website plays at the casino for real money, including making a deposit and a withdrawal. Sports Adda strongly recommend that you only play at licensed casinos.

The casinos are rated on 7 different points in their reviews. The casino can receive 1-10 points for each aspect. The average of the 7 points is the casino review score. Afterwards, casinos can receive penalty points for the cleared review score if they have received a fine. Below Sports Adda explains how they review online casinos and betting sites:

Five Tips to Play Safely at Online Casinos From Sports Adda

It is conceivable that you could use some good advice to keep playing in the non GamStop casino safe. Based on their accumulated knowledge and experience, our experts have therefore collected 5 important tips for you that you should not miss. 

1. Always Play Responsibly

Never be tempted to bet more money than you want, deposit a larger amount than you can lose or continue playing for longer when you don't have time for it. If you don't stick to your own rules just once, you can get yourself into serious trouble. The risk of addiction and the development of financial and social problems is now a big step closer. Therefore, always keep playing for what it is intended for, namely purely for fun. 

2. Choose a Reliable Casino with a reputable license

Searching for a licensed online casino is not enough. It must be a leading license, such as that of the Malta Gaming Authority and/or the UK Gambling Commission. The number of licenses it has does not make a casino even more reliable. If it only has the MGA license, you will already benefit from a 100% reliable gaming environment. 

3. Choose a Strong Password

Don't be tempted to choose a password that is too easy to remember. Because if this is easy for you to guess, then this also applies to any hackers who may be lurking. So do not choose a password that is also the PIN code of your banking app. Also, avoid passwords such as 0000 and 1234. Those will be the first to be tested by someone who has evil intentions. 

4. Accept Free Play Money in Online Casinos

Many reliable online casinos offer bonuses in the form of free play money. Sometimes you don't even have to deposit money, such as with the no deposit bonus. This allows you to try out the online casino risk-free. You receive money from the casino and are therefore free to explore the range for a fee, while you cannot lose your own money. This is ideal when you come across a new online casino that you want to try out at your leisure.

Can I Play Safely at Mobile Casinos?

Yes, in principle mobile online casinos are just as reliable as gambling websites that can be visited via PC or laptop. What you should take into account is that you only choose the mobile website of a licensed gaming provider. 

If there is a casino app and you prefer it to the mobile gambling website, please note that it is only offered via the website of the casino in question or is offered in the Google Play Store or App Store. There are also casino apps in circulation that are intended to infect your smartphone or tablet with viruses and steal personal data. 

Disclaimer for the casino reviews

As you can see, Sports Adda pays a lot of care to the reviews and bases the ratings on observable and verifiable facts. However, it may happen that there are changes at the casinos that the website has not yet incorporated into the reviews. At the bottom of each casino review, you can see who wrote the review and the last date the review was updated. If you have any comments about a review, you can contact them. You can also post a public comment with every casino review, so you can also have some influence on their rating.