How MSN Rate and Evaluate Online Casinos 20 Review Criteria

How MSN Rate & Evaluate Online Casinos? 20 Review Criteria

To recommend the best and safest non GamStop casinos, the MSN website analyzes them taking into account 20 factors, from the bonus system to security and licensing. Read on to find out what factors you should consider when evaluating a casino.

MSN Website's View of the Non GamStop Casinos:

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The Welcome Bonus

According to the MSN website, the starting bonuses are a real magnet for new players. A high bonus can convince even the most loyal players to change casinos. We verify how much the deposit bonus is, what percentage is added to the player's first deposits. And how subsequent deposits are distributed. A good casino should also provide free spins because it is an opportunity for new players to play for free for real money. We also appreciate non-deposit bonuses, which allow you to spin free spins just by registering or verifying your account.

Loyalty Offers

The competition in the non GamStop casino market is very high and the deposit bonus itself is not everything that a noteworthy casino should provide. To encourage players to stay longer, good non GamStop casinos prepare extensive loyalty offers. 

They usually take the form of a program for VIP clients, in which players gain new levels in exchange for deposits or turnover. MSN website verifies how many benefits from the VIP programme are obtainable, and also checks what types of benefits there are (customer manager, additional deposit bonuses, cashback and others).

Bonus Terms & Conditions

However, the devil is in the details and this saying applies perfectly to online casino bonuses. We look very carefully at the regulations and other documents that affect the quality of the game and the amount of prizes in the casino. And we also check the turnover requirements for free spins and deposit bonuses. We have the experience and necessary knowledge to assess whether the regulations are consistent with Polish and international law, so we can also detect any hidden legal loopholes.

Casino Tournaments

Non GamStop casino tournaments are an exciting opportunity to earn additional rewards for persistent play on selected slot machines. The casino should provide as many tournaments with multiple prizes as possible so that players have the opportunity to fully showcase their abilities. But we also check whether tournaments are conducted fairly, ensuring that positions on the ranking list are determined based on actual places. Non GamStop casinos also offer other, more original benefits for players, for example, tickets to sporting events and even trips for achieving a certain turnover – which is also subject to evaluation.

Casino License

On the MSN website, they only rate licensed casinos, because those websites that do not have a license operate illegally. However, gambling licenses are not created equal, and their task is also to determine which of them is more reliable. For non GamStop casinos, licenses are most often issued from Maltese, Cypriot, British, or overseas territories such as Curacao, and if the company can boast of more than one license, that's even better.

Fair Play Certificates

Another confirmation of fair play may be a certificate issued by an external institution. Such a certificate can assess many aspects of the casino's operation: proper monetary turnover, correct operation of random number generators, and compliance with standards. Non GamStop casinos usually boast certificates from organizations such as TST and ISO. If a casino boasts additional, valid certificates, it may receive a higher rating from us, because it is a sign that it has also been checked by another organization.

Secure SSL Connection

A secured internet connection is the absolute basis for all websites where money is traded – such as making deposits in casinos. A website encrypted with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection is less susceptible to Man in the Middle attacks, which attempt to intercept transmitted data by third parties. Today, it is an absolute basis for online casinos. But we also check whether the SSL certificate is valid and who issues it.

Availability for British Customers

The situation of non GamStop casinos in the UK is not quite clear. European regulations apply here and they conflict with each other. This is why some non GamStop casinos decide not to make their services available to customers from our country. They check only those casinos where British players can play.

Registration Procedure

No casino should make it difficult to register. Players should be encouraged to join the casino and therefore the form should be as simple as possible. This also includes the account verification procedure, which should be carried out as reliably and carefully as possible. The casino should facilitate this process and support the player at every stage. Such care is important because players who verify their data share sensitive data about themselves with the casino.

Player Data Protection

Protecting this data is one of the key elements of casino quality, although generally not as much attention is paid to it as, for example, bonuses or the range of available games. Proper processing of payment data, credit card information and good storage of documents sent in the form of scans is in the interest of both the casino and the players themselves.

Range of Casino Games

A large number of games in the casino will not only ensure good fun but above all, will enable you to choose a slot machine that suits your style and the expected RTP coefficient and volatility. The more developers make their games available in the casino, the better, but it is also important that new games are available and the offer is regularly updated. Players should also be able to play not only slots but also many table games and live dealer games.

Amount of Prizes

Many factors influence the average prize amount and it depends largely on the casino. It can provide games with a higher RTP, i.e. return to the player, and provide special offers that will increase the attractiveness of the game. MSN website takes into account all the available earning opportunities for the player, assessing whether the casino is simply profitable.

Additional Software

Some casinos also provide free software, which may include phone applications, programs for betting bets, or for playing in poker tournaments. Although most casinos provide all functionality from a web browser, additional software that increases your earning potential is always welcome.

Sports Betting

Casinos that, in addition to gambling games, offer sports betting options are becoming more and more popular. This is a good choice for players who want to have these two types of services in one place. MSN website assesses the number of available types of competitions and disciplines and the extent to which live bets are available, allowing you to bet on the outcome of a match, race or fight.

Another important element is betting on virtual sports, i.e. competitions generated exclusively on a computer. A big advantage may also be a database of statistics and attractive odds and bookmaker promotions, which will have a positive impact on the profitability of predicted results of competitions or political events such as world elections.

Payment Methods

Even the best non GamStop casino is not worth much if it does not offer a large number of popular payment methods. MSN website evaluates the available payment channels in terms of popularity and ease of use and assigns a correspondingly higher rating for the possibility of deposits and withdrawals not only via cards but also numerous e-wallets, cryptocurrencies and account top-up cards. The casino should also not charge high fees (if at all) so as not to reduce the reward potential that players receive.

Speed of Withdrawal Processing

Nobody likes having to wait a long time for their prizes to be paid out and it's certainly extremely depressing. Therefore, a non GamStop casino should make every effort to complete payout verification as quickly as possible. This is especially true for slower payment methods such as withdrawal to account. MSN website assesses how much time it takes and gives higher ratings to casinos that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Security of Player Deposits

On the MSN website, you will only find casinos that store player money safely. They do not promote casinos with unclear legal status that can disappear with players' deposits. That is why they look very carefully at the operator's financial condition. They check which company deals with payments to the casino. And verify whether it has had any solvency problems in the past.

Playing on Mobile Devices

Nowadays, many players spin on smartphones, which is why it is so important that the casino can be described as mobile. They check how well the website is adapted to smartphones and tablets. Testing it on various devices in terms of the use of responsive technology. The website should work well on touch screens and must also adapt to the display size. A well-rated mobile casino must have smooth gameplay regardless of the device.

Although no mobile application is required to play on a smartphone, because most games run on HTML5 and can be run regardless of the platform, applications are a useful addition. MSN website tests the operation of the application and evaluates its functions. It is also important for us that the app works on both Android and iOS. They also check whether players can be rewarded for installing the application. And what exclusive bonuses they receive as a result.

Platform Appearance

This is the last criterion of the MSN assessment. A well-made casino will attract more players with an attractive setting and cool graphics. The casino may also have a main theme that will later be consistently used on its subpages. However, it is important for us that the website is not overloaded with graphic elements and animations. And that it works smoothly on all devices and various browsers.