How Tribuna Website Review Online Casinos

How Tribuna Website Review Online Casinos?

Many online casinos claim to offer reliable gaming. But what exactly does that mean, and how can you check this yourself? Tribuna team has delved deeper into this and listed some of the most important features.

Tribuna Website's view of Best Non GamStop Online Casinos:

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Two-step Authentication 

A reliable online casino without GAMSTOP uses two-step authentication to ensure that shady people cannot gain access to your account. It means that in addition to a username and password, you are also checked in another way to ensure that the person trying to log in is really the account holder. 

One of the methods that we see a lot is sending a text message to the telephone number you provided. In this message you will find a specific (4-digit) code. If you enter this in the appropriate field, you have completed the last step. Your identity can also be checked in another way, such as using facial recognition. 

Identity Check

For your own safety and that of the casino itself, it is important that you can prove in black and white through identity documents that you really are who you say you are. Tribuna and Any reliable online casino will ask for this when you create your account or the first time you want to withdraw winnings.

Then you have to wait to see whether the copies are approved. At one online casino, this can be done fully automatically by the system within a few seconds. In other cases you will have to be patient for up to 24 hours, because the papers are checked manually.  

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a top priority if you want to play paid games. This is much more important than enjoying the game. Without properly guarding your own boundaries, all kinds of dangers lurk. This way you can spend much more money than you want, or spend considerably more time gambling online than you actually have. You will not be the first to discover an addiction in yourself at a very late stage.  

A reliable online casino has invested in the most responsible gambling possible. A licensed provider is even obliged to meet the highest requirements in this area. This includes the use of betting limits, a maximum login time and a maximum deposit limit. 

SSL Website Security

According to the Tribuna website, the presence of SSL is easy to recognize for any player. If you see a (green) lock at the top left of the address bar, you can be assured that your personal data is optimally protected. 

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has the task of encrypting data exchanged between two computers. This ensures that uninvited guests cannot intercept this data during transmission, causing everything to be exposed. If a casino has an SSL lock, then you have one less thing to worry about. Login information and your address and bank details are in safe hands here. 

Third party control

Online casinos are not only closely monitored by licensors. Third parties also monitor compliance with the rules on a daily basis. One of the bodies that plays an important role in this is the independently operating eCogra (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). 

eCogra is the leading quality mark in the online casino industry worldwide. It applies very high quality standards in the field of reliability and safety. If a gambling website is eCogra certified, it is strictly monitored to ensure that it continues to meet the requirements imposed by jurisdiction. 

What Is Meant by RNG & Why Is It Important?

Anyone who gambles online will undoubtedly see the term RNG often. This stands for Random Number Generator and has everything to do with the reliability of a gaming machine, such as a slot game. The RNG is responsible for ensuring that the final outcome of each game is always completely random. Complicated algorithms are responsible for this. 

Slots are often developed in such a way that they seem to play psychological games with you. For example, if you spin 2 scatters again and again while 3 are required to trigger the bonus feature, you will soon get the feeling that you are very close to activating this bonus game. In reality, the previous game round has no influence on the next one. The RNG determines if and when you win. 

The RNG also works together with the RTP. This stands for Return to Player – called theoretical payout percentage. Before a computer-based game is launched, it is extensively tested, including in the field of RTP. This RTP is checked on the basis of thousands or sometimes millions of spins. For example, if the RTP of a slot machine is 96%, the RNG ensures that this average payout percentage is maintained. This means fair play. 

Finding Reliable Online Casinos With Tribuna Website: This Is How It Works?

If you want to play safely in an online casino, it is important that you know what exactly to pay attention to. For this reason, we have clarified all the properties that you should take into account for you below. 

Gaming License

It is an absolute requirement that the casino of your choice has a reputable gambling license. This says everything about the time, energy and money that the provider has invested in allowing you to play carefree. 


In the context of responsible gaming, limits are inextricably linked. You will find these in the casino in all kinds of different forms. Consider login, betting, deposit and withdrawal limits. Its purpose is to allow you to experience maximum gaming pleasure within your personal limits

Attractive Bonuses

In an average non GamStop casino, all kinds of extra gifts are available for new and existing players, such as bonuses. You can think of the well-known welcome bonus for new account holders to VIP bonuses for very active players. 

Fair Bonus Conditions

Bonuses that are linked to fair bonus conditions are a must in the online casino. We look further than just the casino bonus as advertised. We dive deep into all requirements, including the Terms and Conditions. You can always be assured that every reliable online casino has fair bonus conditions to offer. 

Live Casino Games

More and more players come to the casino to play live casino games. The live casino is even immensely popular. You can expect a lot in terms of supply and quality. Think of games that only come from the best game makers and offer a wide variety of live casino games to choose from. 

Customer Service

No matter how good a casino has a website, if customer service leaves much to be desired, the gambling provider is doomed. You can at least expect that you will receive super-fast and expert help and that there are various contact options. The presence of a live chat is a prerequisite.

Payment Options by Tribuna

According to the Tribuna website, a good online casino has partnerships with the most prominent payment providers. Furthermore, there are, at best, diverse options for players to choose from. Think of Trustly, Volt, Paysafecard and credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa. 

Mobile Device Accessibility

Visiting the casino with your smartphone or tablet is becoming increasingly the norm. It has therefore become an important condition that the mobile gambling website has to offer everything you could wish for. Overview and user-friendliness are important conditions here. If an app is also offered, that is a great advantage. 

How to Create an Account at a Reliable Casino According to the Tribuna Website?

If you are still relatively new to the online casino world, you can quickly feel a bit overwhelmed. For example, how do you get paid? In the vast majority of cases you will need a casino account for this, especially if you want to play with your own money. Fortunately, you are only 5 steps away from this. 

Step 1: Create an Account 

First of all, choose a reliable online casino. If you visit the website, you will find a registration button on almost every page. Click on this to start the registration process. This basically involves entering your email address and setting a strong password. You then continue to leave your address details, confirm that you are 18 years or older and that you agree to the privacy conditions and General Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Log in With Your Chosen Details

Once you have completed step 1, your personal account is immediately active. You can view all important data via your account and, where possible, change it. You can also access your e-wallet from here. This is not filled by default, unless you have already been able to claim a no deposit bonus. If you want to deposit money, you must first log in with the username and password you provided. You are already ready for step 3.  

Step 3: Place a deposit

Now click on your e-wallet. Select the payment option of your choice and determine the amount to deposit. When doing the latter, take into account the limits of both the casino and yours personally. Whichever payment method you choose, fortunately the money will be ready in your account within a few seconds. 

Step 4: Activate Your Bonus 

Most casinos offer new players a certain bonus. You usually claim this at the same time as you make your first deposit. At least, if you have indicated that you would like to be able to use bonuses. Please note that in that case you also have to deal with bonus conditions, including the payment options available, minimum deposit requirements and wagering conditions

Step 5: Yes, let's play!

With Tribuna You are now ready to use the range. With money in your e-wallet you have access to the full range of games. This often consists of several thousand casino games, from RNG slots to the coolest live casino games. This means boredom never lurks.