Unibet Account & Delete Account our Instructions

Unibet Account & Delete Account ⛔️ Our Instructions

Unibet is an extremely popular sports betting provider that is attracting more and more customers in the UK. If you have landed on this page, you are probably more interested in deleting your Unibet account as quickly as possible. We'll tell you how this is possible in just a few steps and what happens to your personal data.

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Delete Your Account at Unibet

Have you already searched through Unibet's user settings without success, but didn't find an option called “Delete Unibet Account”? This is not surprising, because there are none. If you would like to permanently delete your account, you must instead contact Unibet Support, which you can choose to contact by telephone.

Live chat or email can be reached. We recommend that you send an email to [email protected], as this way you always have written proof of your exchange with the non gamstop casino – which is not available over the phone.

You do not need to send a cancellation form to Unibet. Simply send a short message requesting that your Unibet account be permanently deleted with immediate effect.

Please also mention here that you would also like your personal data to be deleted and that the deletion of your account should be confirmed to you in writing as soon as possible. Just have a little patience afterwards: a Unibet employee will get in touch with you soon.

Important NOTE:

If you want to permanently delete your Unibet account, this is a very serious step that you cannot undo, even with the help of Unibet support. If you just want to delete your account because you are investing too much time or money in sports betting, an alternative time out could be the right solution for you:

Within your user account, you can set such a time-out for several days, weeks or months and not place bets or deposit money within this period. So think carefully in advance whether you really want to delete your Unibet account forever or whether you want to continue using it at a later date.

Delete account at Unibet – step by step

     1. Before deleting your Unibet account, first check whether there is still any remaining balance that can be withdrawn.

     2. Write a short email to [email protected] and request that your account be deleted.

     3. Also request Unibet to delete your personal data from its servers.

     4. Ideally, request written confirmation of account deletion.

     5. Have a little patience. A Unibet employee will contact you by email as soon as possible.

What Happens to My Private Data at Unibet?

If you are firmly convinced that Unibet will delete your data immediately after deleting your account, you are unfortunately mistaken.

In the terms and conditions, the betting provider expressly points out that personal data remains on the servers even if the associated account has long since been deleted. Only ten years (!) after the Unibet account has been deleted does the associated personal data disappear from the server. As a reason for this decision, Unibet refers, among other things, to applicable laws for checking money laundering. What is much more realistic, however, is that Unibet wants to prevent former customers from simply setting up a new account after deleting their account and then claiming the welcome bonus again. Nevertheless: Ten years is an extremely long period of time – most betting providers delete personal data much more quickly.