Do Casinos Without GamStop boost Female Gambling Trend

Do Casinos Without GamStop boost Female Gambling Trend?

Female Gambling? Over the past years, gambling was viewed as a male-only activity. However, with the growth of the online gambling industry and emerging of non GamStop casinos, this view began to change! iGaming companies have found it possible to attract women by offering tailored offers. Lots of stats have found that women under the age of 35 are passionate about all kinds of games whether they are played on computers, smartphones or tablets. This has led to the creation and marketing of casinos for women. 

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What is the reason behind the increase in gambling rates at such a rapid rate? According to a study conducted by Technavio, a leading marketing research company, women prefer non GamStop online casinos over traditional ones because they feel more confident and avoid being intimidated by other male gamblers. Furthermore, the study discovered that the female gaming experience looks for pleasures other than earning, winning, and self-assertion such as fun, communication, and sharing. By contrast, men tend to gamble with only one goal: winning! You can verify this for yourself when reviewing live streaming platforms, such as Twitch or YouTube, where it seems that the main goal of female gamblers is to connect with their fans.

As a result of all these reasons gaming companies are launching more casinos targeting females.

Female Gambling: Do Women Like Non GamStop Casino Games as Much as Men?

Many people think of gambling as a man only activity, such as soccer. The old explanation for men's preference for these games rather than women was that they were more susceptible to stimulation and influence than women, who preferred aesthetically calm games over high levels of arousal.

But it has become clear in recent years that this idea is wrong. The women’s lack of gambling is due to cultural reasons only, but with the openness and development of cultures and the presence of non GamStop casinos that allow women to play from the comfort of their homes.

According to the UKGC stats, female gambling now represents about 40% of all gamblers in the United Kingdom. They tend to bingo and slots more than table and card games.

The Proportion of Participation for Men And Women in Non GamStop Casinos

The UKGC published a study on the gambling habits of men and women in 2017. In this research, it appeared that 44% of women in the UK had bet within the past four weeks. On the other hand, 53% of men had bet during the same period. Most British gamblers are between the ages of 21 and 30. There is no big difference in the ages of both male and female gamblers.

Female Gambling: What Are their Motives?

In a survey conducted by Lady Linda Casino to find out the motives of gamblers from playing gambling games, it was found that 54.9% of females and 56.6% of men aimed to make money, while 22.5% of women and 19.4% of men said they played gambling because they were just bored.

However, there are many factors that affect the motives of gamblers, such as economic prosperity or even the location. For example, 52% of gamblers in Wales prefer Bingo games, while in Scotland, 35% of gamblers fill their grids hoping to win the jackpot. Also, see the Glasgow casinos not on gamstop here.

Gambling Habits Between Women And Men

The online casino world is constantly changing. iGaming companies seek to provide suitable gambling games for each person. One of the most important successes that the Internet casino has recorded since its inception in the nineties of the last century until now is that it has attracted women players with the same ability that it attracts men players!

The habits of gambling differ between the two genders. Women prefer to play online with friends. On the other hand, men prefer to play alone. 

Men don't pay much attention to the look and feel of gambling games, but women like them very much.

In the past, adequate studies of online gambling were not presented. In addition, researchers used to believe that gambling was restricted to men only. Hence, casinos directed their advertising on this basis. Perhaps even now, you can find gambling ads centered around high excitement, naked women, masculinity genes, and cries of joy! Perhaps if you find a woman in a land based casino, you will never think that she is a gambler but rather that she is a friend of a male player. On the contrary, iGaming companies conducted accurate marketing studies that concluded women's penchant for gambling.

Why Do Women Prefer Lotto & Slots?

Female gambling is getting more popular. Women prefer games of chance while men prefer games of skill. Because it gives them the power and the ability to manage things with their own skills and intelligence. Women do not care about authority or skill as much as they care about horoscopes.

How Do Men And Women React to Winnings?

Although it is obvious that the motives for playing differ, the goal must be the same and that is always to win. Even if women love to share and connect with their friends, they definitely don't want to communicate about their losses! However, gamblers, men and women, differ in their reactions to winnings. A research study revealed the reactions of male/ female gamblers when winning £500. The study revealed that 72.3% of women were more cautious and rational and immediately withdrew their winnings, thus stopping playing. But 61% of men preferred to take risks again to achieve higher profits.

How Do Men And Women React to Losses?

Men and women show different reactions to casino losses. In 2017, researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Australian Gambling Research Center (AGRC) released a study titled “How do gambling marks differ between men and women?”

This study found that men were more likely to experience feelings of anger and frustration when experiencing a series of losses. What's more, some of them were more aggressive to the point of hitting or kicking machines. The feelings of violence were not limited to the machines only as it turned out that some of the men assaulted the dealers or other employees of the casino! Surely this is a disgraceful act that leads to a complete ban of all the city's casinos. On the other hand, it is quite different on Venus as it turns out that women show signs of sadness and distress when they lose in the casino and may cry but certainly not as angry as men.

Where Do Men & Women Play?

One research ”Female gambling” I asked a group of men and women about the most unusual places they gambled. It turns out that the results are very similar for both sexes, proving once again that gambling highlights the similarities between the sexes rather than the differences between them.

Show that 23% of women and 27.2% of men play casino games in the bathroom! And 10% bet while visiting their patients in hospitals while the percentage of those who bet while driving was 8% despite the risk of this behaviour on the player's life and other people who use the road.

There is a gender gap regarding gambling during family events. With 12.6% of men found to take advantage of these occasions to gamble, compared to only 8.4% of men.

Both sexes make the same mistake playing through other people's accounts. About a third of men and women admitted to playing through the account of a friend or spouse. Related post on Female Hairdresser who lost 81k in 4 hours.